Thursday, May 14, 2015

An Answer to Prayer...

Most of you probably know about our car situation and our emails about raising funds to purchase a new car. We are so grateful for the way everyone responded to our need and it was such a good experience for our kids as they watched God provide. We want to say thank you to everyone who played a part in this, from prayer to giving.
We asked the kids to write their thoughts and tell what they learned so I am including snippets from their letters.

From Kallen (age 6): I learned thit God luvs us and peppal cares for awr famlee bcus they gav us munee to get a new car. God is speshal bcus he get the peppal to gev us munee. I learned that the peppal cares for awr famlee too. I wud say to the peppal that gav munee thank you bcus we relee need a car. Luv Kallen

From Karis (age 9): When we prayed I learned that God ansewered our prayer when we asked Him. Thank you for lissaning to our messeges. Thank you for your jenerrosity for sending money for our new car. And for helping to support us in getting our new car. I also learned that God sometimes answars our prayers. And that God hears when we have a problem. And we also are planning a party to praise God. Love Karis

From Traeger (age 10): Thank you for the money because I can’t wait until the car comes. The first people that gave made me feel like giving so I did – I gave all I had and that made me feel good, so thank you for inspiring me to give. And once again thank you for the money for the car. All these days I learned that it is good to give and that giving feels better than to not give. I also learned that with God you can do anything even when you need tons of money God can give it to you.