Friday, November 21, 2008

Our little genius!

Maybe all babies do this, but Traeger and Karis never did at this age, so we like to think she is "gifted". She is just so interactive. It has been a lot of fun.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A birthday party/Halloween

The kids were invited to a birthday party for another missionary's kid on Halloween. Since the Portuguese don't really celebrate Halloween, they had a costume party for their son's birthday. It was fun to be able to dress the kids up. Although they don't sell costumes here, so we had to make our own. Karis is a cat and Traeger is Lightning McQueen in case the pictures aren't obvious enough.
This was at the end and Traeger is saying do I have to take one more picture!
Here is Lightning McQueen.

Here's the little kitty crawling around and meowing!

Traeger had "dia das Bruxas" or witches day at school, so all the kids had to wear a mask, hat, broom, or something that had to do with witch. Kind of strange, but witches here are a kids thing, they aren't seen as scarey.

Sometimes they love eachother.