Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Well time has flown by... We are now in possession of our new Toyota Hilux. It is wonderful. We feel so blessed. It is the first time in either of our lives we've ever owned a new car and after almost 2 years of rarely having a car at all, it is so nice to have reliable transportation. Unfortunately, our old car still isn't fixed. It has been transferred to Maputo for better service. They fixed the power problem and told us it was all ready to go, so while we were down there getting the Toyota, Tim went and picked up the Nissan and we were going to take it to a friend to sell for us, but we realized it still wasn't right. We brought it back in and now we are waiting to hear if the issues have been resolved or not. We also took some time to go into South Africa for a week to get some things done on the car, go see some doctors and do a bit of shopping. We had a really nice time. We stayed at a beautiful place that is designed for missionaries travelling through. We also were able to spend a couple days in Kruger National Park and saw much of God's amazing creation. It was a 4 day trip home, but all went well and we are glad to be back home again.

Tim went to court on Monday again for the issue with the land for the Bible school and he has agreed to pay the people the money they are asking. He could go further in the court and press the matter, but we all feel it is for the best to put this behind us and keep a good testimony and just pay the amount they want. He gave them the money on Tuesday and now we are hoping we can move on with out complications on the building of the school. He is meeting with a guy tomorrow to start clearing the land.

Tim leaves on Sunday to go to Mocimboa de Praia, which is a town on the coast of Mozambique in the Cabo del Gado province. He will be teaching at a discipleship school there for two weeks on Bible survey. In November we have our annual SIM conference for Training in Ministry and then I am putting together a home school conference for the third week of November.

Prayer requests for this month are:
*for the Nissan to be fixed and sold as soon as possible (we are still in debt with the cost of the customs on the Toyota until we can sell the Nissan).
*for safety for Tim travelling and his teaching in Mocimboa de Praia.
*for me as I am home for 2+ weeks by myself without a car(I guess I should be used to that by now) and with the kids.
*For the progress of the land clearing and building.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

This is Mercy Air where we stayed at Nelspruit. The kids loved it and you can see why.

The pool at Mercy Air

Entering Kruger Park 
 We saw lots of spotted hyena and we were able to get quite close to them.
We had a pack of wild dogs run along side our car for a couple of kilometers.

 A baby elephant crossing the road in front of us.
 This big guy was enjoying the river.
 A wild dog sleeping alongside the road.
 White Rhino

A little owl we saw in the tree at one of our stops and he was so cute.

 There were 2 male lions that crossed the road right in front of us. They were following a herd of cape buffalo.
 The kids enjoyed this place we stayed on the coast during our drive back up to Lichinga. It is run by a Zimbabwean couple.

 Another view of the pool.