Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter 2011...

Time just seems to keep flying by. We now have less than 2 months left before we head back to Mozambique. We are excited about going back, but also are trying to get in as much family and friend time as possible. Our daughter is due any day now, so we are just anxiously awaiting her birth and then we will get our plane tickets bought and start the whole process of birth certificate, passport and visa for her.

We have had a fun winter so far. The kids were so disappointed that we have had such little snow this winter. We prayed and prayed for snow before Christmas. The night before Christmas Eve, Karis was praying for snow and I decided to just look out the window and we saw the ground was covered! Karis was so excited God answered her prayer so quickly. She couldn't stop giggling!!
Of course it only lasted a day, but we have now gotten our snow, so the kids have been enjoying playing and sledding and building snowmen.

Here are some pictures of from the past couple of months....

Karis and grandma decided to try sledding backwards!
Traeger and grandpa going for a record.
The girls enjoying the snow we finally got!
Traeger and his best buddy and cousin Grant.

We spent a week in South Carolina after Christmas. The kids had a great time with cousins and they all decided it was going to be a Holloween Christmas this year.
We did a visit to Jaidyn's grave on Christmas Eve, which has been a tradition since her funeral, 9 years ago. We can't believe it has been 9 years. The kids really seemed to understand this year and we had a special time talking about her and showing them pictures and keepsakes from her short life.
Kallen and some of her favorite gifts.

We celebrated Christmas with the High family over Thanksgiving break, because Kristi was able to come then, but not for Christmas. It was a little difficult to find a tree a week before Thanksgiving, so we have a great story about this beautiful tree we were finally able to get, it is a long story, so I won't tell the whole thing, but just to give you some perspective, it is the top of a 30 foot pine, which was the only option.
A good friend of ours, Amanda Currie with Picture This Photography took some family pictures for us.
Here are all the "High" grandkids.