Monday, June 22, 2015

A Fulll Month...

A lot has been going on this past month. It has been a good distraction as we wait on our new car. We have officially ordered it and it will be shipped July 15th, arriving in Maputo, Mozambique on August 24th. We still have another couple of months of waiting. Our old car is still awaiting the new part and looks like it will not be ready until August as well, but hopefully we can sell it before we need to go pick up the new car. The last week of May and June was spent planning, shopping and gathering food for our annual SLC (Spiritual Life Conference). We, along with some colleagues of ours, helped plan the conference. Our conference was the 2nd week of June. It went very well and we all enjoyed some good fellowship and a time of spiritual and physical refreshment. We also attended the opening of a new church building for the SIM church plant where we regularly attend. Then this past weekend we had a prayer day for the Yawo people group. Missionaries from all over Niassa province joined us here in Lichinga and we all spent the entire day praying for Yawo people in the areas of family life, specific works in different regions, strong holds, and for development. It was really an amazing experience to be all united in one purpose and goal before the Lord.

The Yao prayer day. We began with some great worship.
The new church building being dedicated.

Our SIM team here in Mozambique along with everyone who came to help us at the SLC.
And just for fun...Kallen found this amazing locust in one of our trees. It was so beautiful and looked like a butterfly when his wings opened.