Friday, September 12, 2014

Home Assignment...

Well we are home. Actually have been for about a month now. Time is already going by in a blur. It is amazing really how quickly you fall right back into the busy pace of the American lifestyle. I always think it will be a shock and seem so strange, after our very slow African pace of life. But always, it takes about a week and we are right back into it, like we have never been gone. The kids are in school, which they are loving. Kallen told me yesterday that "this school is even better than homeschool." Doesn't make me feel so good, but I think she may change her mind after a month or two of it:) They are involved in the kids program at church. Traeger is in soccer. Karis will be doing some horse riding. We have been attending sporting events of our nieces and nephews, accountability groups, Bible studies, volunteering in the kids classrooms, speaking at 7 churches, and visiting our many supporters, besides fitting in time with grandmas and grandpas and other relatives...the list could go on...In Moz, we are thrilled when we have an evening planned with an activity. Here we are thrilled when we have an evening alone with nothing planned. It is so fun to be involved in all these things that we aren't able to be involved in while in Mozambique. We find, though, that it is very hard to fit in the things that are really important, while trying to fit in all the things we have been missing. It is so easy to neglect your personal devotional time, our personal family time, and time together as a couple. Balance is always the key, but how to do this, is the challenge. Please pray that God will give us wisdom and discernment and the ability to keep our priorities straight. Our six months home we will be concentrating also on raising awareness for the Bible School we hope to open in Lichinga. We have a goal to raise $100,000 to help with the initial cost of buying the land, putting up a classroom block, bathroom block, fence, and guardhouse. Please pray we can communicate this need well, and that we would trust God to help us reach this goal.
For those of you who are interested our speaking/church schedule for the next few months is:
9/28: Faith Fellowship in Irons MI. We will be speaking in the morning service.
10/5: Northland Baptist Church, Grand Rapids MI. We will be speaking in the morning service
10/19: Rothbury Community Church, Rothbury MI. We will just be attending the morning service
10/22: Rothbury Community Church. We will be presenting during the missions conference in the evening.
10/24-26: Chinese Bible Church, Detroit MI. Tim will be the main speaker for their missions conference.
11/9: Calvary Church, Muskegon MI. We will be attending the morning service.
11/16: First Baptist Church, St. Johns, MI. We will be presenting in the evening service.
11/30: Blythefield Hills Baptist Church, Rockford, MI. Tim is preaching at both morning services.
All other Sundays, we will be attending Blythefield. Tim is also co-teaching an evening Sunday school class at Blythefield. He will be teaching the evenings of Sept. 14, Oct. 19, Nov.2, 23.
Photo: Spent a super fun day on Lake Jocasse with my sister and brother in law and nephews in North/South Carolina.

Photo: Good times for Traeger with Grant. T's first UM football game.

Kallen's 6th birthday. All she wanted to do is go to McDonalds and play in the playland. So easy to please after 3 years in Moz.