Friday, April 9, 2010

School Days...

These days have been full of school for all of us. I am homeschooling Traeger and Karis in the mornings from about 7:00-9:30am. Traeger and I are a little over 1/3 of the way through Kindergarten. I hopefully will finish the end of August and then begin 1st grade. Karis will start preschool in September. Right now we are doing a pre-preschool program with her.

Tim and I are both working with language tutors 3 to 4 days a week for about 2 hours a day. We both have started a new language learning program with new language tutors. I am working with a lady, named Beatriz, who is my same age. I am really enjoying getting to know her and have seen a huge improvement in my chiyao since beginning this new program. Tim just began with a new language helper as his other one had trouble with his work schedule and could no longer tutor Tim.

Then Traeger and Karis just started in a new school here in Lichinga in the afternoons. It is really more like an after school program. They attend from 2:30pm until 5pm. We are hoping it will help them with Portuguese as well as develop some friendships. So far it is going well. We had many tears at first, but they are both enjoying it more now and seem to have adjusted to the new routine.

Tim and I are both tired of school and language learning, but we see the great need for it. Here is a great example of the problem of language and the importance of language when living in a foreign country. Today I asked my house helper Clara to wash the kids crocs. I said in Portuguese, "por favor, leva estes sapatos." I didn't pronounce the word LAVA correctly and said LEVA, which means please take these shoes instead of please wash these shoes. So my house helper went home today with 2 very nice pairs of crocs! The only shoes my kids wear. I am just hoping there is a possibility of getting them back. We'll see... It is a little frusterating after speaking the language for 2 years now that I am still making mistakes. And of course now I am trying to learn a third language on top of my second language which is far from perfect yet! I guess I will continue to pray for God's grace!

This is our school room at home, where the kids and I do school every morning. They are enjoying having grandma here to join in with school right now.

This is me and Beatriz doing our language studies.

Here is the inside of their classroom.

Just thought I'd stick in a picture of Kallen too.

This is the kids classroom and the lady who runs the school, Lydia. She is a Brazilian missionary.

All ready for school.