Thursday, February 25, 2010

Experience is everything...

My parents were able to spend three weeks with us here in Mozambique. They were not only able to see where we live, meet the people we work with, and see the country of Mozambique, but they were able to experience our daily life here. They know what it feels like to go into a small village and be surrounded by kids touching and laughing at you. They know what is like to eat shima with your hands. They know what it is like to drive out to a village a few kilometers away that may take two hours to get there because of horrible, bumpy, muddy roads. They know what it is like feel uncomfortably wealthy in the face of extreme poverty. They also know what is like to be able to give and watch a person light up with joy at receiving their first new piece of clothing they have ever owned. They know what it is like to sit in a mud floor church on logs for benches for hours when you can't understand anything being said. They also know what it is like to watch Africans worship the same God we worship with such joy and passion. You can try to explain these things to a person, but you really don't know what it is like until you've experienced it and we are so thankful that when we talk about things here and our life here, they now know exactly what we are talking about.

They also were able to see the grandkids, watch Kallen learn to walk, celebrate Karis' 4th birthday, and participate in Traeger's homeschooling. The kids had three weeks of getting just about anything they wanted and now we are in the process of de-spoiling them. Which we often hear " I wish Grandma was still here." " I want Grandma to do it." and " Grandma would give me it." But it was all worth it! Here are some pictures of their "experience" here.

giving gifts to kids in Caia

Seeing hippos in the river

a view from Zomba, Malawi

a jungle walk to a waterfall

Karis and Auntie Janice blowing out her candles

playing peek-a-boo with Kallen

wrestling with the kids

reading to the kids

helping the fisherman pull in their nets

a walk through Muembe

giving gifts to each of Mateus' family

eating shima

visiting with Mateus and his family

posing for a picture with kids in Caia