Thursday, December 11, 2014

And three months later....

Yes, 3 months later. I can't believe it. In 3 more months we will be back in Lichinga again. Our time has been so filled it is hard to know where to begin. It has been a good home assignment for us. It has been a little bittersweet as we think about how short our time home is this time and as we watch the kids thrive in this new environment and get to do so many things they miss out on while in Mozambique. They do get so many amazing experiences living in Africa and I really feel our simple way of living there to be a huge blessing. So in many ways, we have the best of both worlds, living the majority of our time with lots of family quiet time and a much slower pace of life and then getting to come home every 2 or 3 years and doing all sorts of fun, busy activities. But when you watch how much your kids are enjoying being involved in these activities and really making some great friends, it is hard as a parent to take that away from them. And yet when we watch how easily our kids can make friends and how quickly they adjust to new things, we realize all the benefits there are to this crazy lifestyle as well. It has also been a great home assignment for Tim and I to have some spiritual refreshment. We have loved being back at Blythefield and getting fed from the Word. I have been attending a ladies Bible study that has been so refreshing and challenging. Tim has been attending staff meetings at Blythefield and meeting with his guys small group. We have finished all of our speaking engagements and are now ready for some relaxed family time this Christmas and New Year. The kids are still enjoying school, but the novelty of it I think has worn off. They no longer jump out of bed in the morning to get up for school and actually enjoy the weekends instead of complaining about them. Traeger finished soccer. Kallen's dance class just ended and Karis is finishing up horse lessons. We have bought our plane tickets to go back to Mozambique on the 24th of February. Please be in prayer about all the packing, travelling, and transitions coming up for us.

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