Thursday, April 21, 2016

Making Progress on INTEL...

Here are some updated pictures of what has been happening the past two weeks. It is moving fast now. Next month we will be doing the floors. We are excited about the progress!

The first building going up.  

The steel structure all finished on the first building.

Now the roof going on the first building

More roofing

The water tank tower getting moved by the crane.

Here is it set up. The huge water tank on the ground will be moved to on top of the tower.

Now this is the way to get to the top of the tower to make sure everything is right!

The second building getting put up. This one was too big to do by hand, so we used the crane for help.

Almost done with the steel structures.

Here are the two buildings now. We will finish the roof of the second building this weekend and then next month we will finish the floors. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

INTEL update...

Just thought I would post some pictures of the Bible School going up here in Lichinga. It has been quite exciting to see the progress. All these pictures and more are on Facebook under INTEL, but for those of you who don't have Facebook, here are some of the pictures. We will be posting more later this month as the steel structures go up. 

We are building a small building on the side of the container for storage, to hold the generator, and for a guard house. It will all be roofed as well. 

Here is the beginning of the foundations for the classroom building. These are all dug by hand and everything is done by manual labor. We have 17 people working on the foundation alone.

The water tank and pump. The water tank will be moved onto a tall steel structure at a later time.

Closing in the pump.

Unloading the steel structures for the classrooms.

The beginning of the work on the generator room next to the container.

The steel structures waiting to go up later this month.....