Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dia de Africa (Africa Day)!

At the church we attend in the mornings, we celebrated Africa day, because so many of the congregation are from Africa. Tim and I were asked to do a presentation. Our choices were to sing(yah we weren't about to do that), or perform an African dance(yah...that either), or write a poem and read it. We chose the poem, however, writing a poem in English is hard enough, let alone in Portuguese with our limited knowledge of the language. So we took the easy way out and found an African poem on the internet, which we translated into Portuguese! The service was a lot of fun, but very long. It began at 11:30 and didn't end until 2:30 and then we had a potluck lunch provided by the many African's and we didn't leave the church until after 5:30pm. It was good for us to get an idea of what church will be like for us in Mozambique--time really doesn't mean anything!


Kim said...

Hey guys! thanks for including me in your email update--I really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the new pics:)
I miss Portugal so much right now, it kind of hurts.
My new address is:
529 S. Duke
Fresno, CA 93727
Blessings! and prayers.


lilhetherington2 said...

Hi Guys! Man, it was so good to see your pictures! I can't believe that its' been over a month since I saw you all! Tenho muitas saudades de todos! Diz "ola!" a Eunice e todos para mim! :) Special "hi!" to treager, karis and baby george! :)