Monday, September 22, 2008

Life in the Country...

This is where we are living now. It is up in the hills and out in the "country". It is very different from the city life we have been living. The kids are loving it because they get to play outside and enjoy the outdoors once again. The following pictures are everyday sites for us around here.

This is our neighbor. He is a shepherd and walks his sheep by our apartment several times a day. The kids love this of course.

Here are some of the sheep.

Here they are crossing in front of our apartment. We also have a beautiful veiw of the river from our varanda.

These guys are everywhere. Traeger even found one in the house the other day and somehow managed to catch it and remove his tail before I could save it and release back outdoors.

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Anonymous said...

onde estao viver agora? gosto as fotos! a casa nova e tao linda! e tambem a kallen e bonitisima! ola a karis e ao traeger! :)