Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Container has arrived!!!!

On Monday, Tim was out running at 6am, when our container passed him on the street. We were unloading it by 8:30am. It is such an answer to prayer. However it did cost a lot more for transportation than what we had estimated(because the original company refused to drive to Lichinga because the roads are so bad). And now they are trying to tax us on our appliances because they were new, even though we had to buy new ones because we needed 220volt instead of 110. But all in all, it has been wonderful to unpack and get things set up here. It's the first time in 2 years we have used our own things and we are loving it. The kids are finding toys they had completely forgotten about and it feels like Christmas. We are able to sit on the floor for the first time and we just discovered that Kallen knows how to sit. She has never been sat on the floor since we arrived here. She is either in her car seat, in her bumbo seat, or being held(since all the floors are either dirt or cement). Thank you to everyone who has been praying!!! Some good friends of ours said that we needed to be sure and take lots of pictures of it arriving, but we were so excited and surprised when it arrived, I never even thought about the camara. So no pictures, but I have pictures of Lake Nyassa. We spent a day down at the lake with some missionary friends who live on the lake. It was beautiful and the kids had a great time swimming. These missionaries don't have a house, but a small building they sleep in, a storage building and a bathroom all separate, and it is beautiful. Their kitchen and living room is in a tent. Here are some pictures.

The road to the lake is terribly bumpy. 60 kilometers of all dirt roads with huge potholes and it took us about 2 1/2 hours to drive it.

Oh, and some very fun bridges to go over.

But so worth it when we got there!

Here is there sleeping building and kitchen/living room.

Here is Tim and Keith going for a boat ride.
Tim even got to try water skiing, which makes the only two times he has ever been water skiing, on the Amazon river in Brazil and on Lake Nyassa in Mozambique, kind of ironic since he has lived his whole life only a half an hour from Lake Michigan and has never been water skiing on it.

Here is Traeger and his new friends, Zoey and Jade, on a boabab tree that fell over about 5 years ago, but continues to grow from the ground.

Here is their bathroom, which has an incredible view of the lake(and Traeger on top of the rocks, if you can find him).

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