Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hard to believe we have been in Mozambique for over 3 months now. We have all been missing home lately. We've heard the three month mark is when homesickness hits. So it was nice to have a change of senery and visit Malawi for a week. We had to get Kallen's 9 month vaccinations and wanted to do a little shopping for things we cannot purchase in Mozambique, so we took a trip to Malawi. We had a great time and Kallen is now all caught up on her vaccinations, so it was profitable. We are now here in Lichinga for a few days and then Saturday we head back out to Muembe.

This picture is actually of a princess birthday party Karis attended before we left for Malawi. There are a lot of little girls here, unfortunately for Traeger, there are very few boys.
Here a picture of one of our first views of Malawi. It has so much more infostructure than Mozambique. It is amazing the difference as you cross the boarder, all the streets are paved, houses made of bricks instead of mud and a lot more tin roofs and buildings. The minimum wage in Mozambique is actually higher than Malawi and the cost of living is higher in Mozambique, but because of the war, there is so little infostructure in Mozambique, so Malawi seems so much richer.

Karis got bit by a dog(the gash under her eye) on our first stop in Malawi, luckily the dog was owned by some missionaries and has had all it's shots, so we didn't need to worry about rabies or anything.
Here is Kallen at exactly 9 months old, enjoying the beach in Malawi.

There were monkeys that roamed all throughout the property where we stayed. They often would come and play right in front of our room.

The kids throwing the monkeys bread.

Here we are in front of our room.
Kallen's first swimming experience. She really did enjoy the water, once she got used to it.


Grady said...

glad you guys got to take a trip. dog bite looked rough. She is a little trooper!

Chan said...

Miss you guys! Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts!

Alex L said...

nice pictures! feel sorry for karis for the dog bite though.