Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Kallen!

Yesterday we celebrated Kallen's first birthday. It is crazy how fast time flies. We just spent the day with our family. She was so happy all day. It was a bittersweet time for me. It was a good day, but so sad that no one could share it with us. I think first birthdays are more for the mom that the one year old. She doesn't know what is going on, but I felt so sad for her that no one could be there to celebrate with us. My camera broke while we were in Muembe(our guard dropped it) and I was so disappointed I barely got any pictures. These we had to take with our cell phone, but they just don't come out great. I am lost with a camera, it so key in our communication for this blog, for the grandparents, and events like these, that are only able to be witnessed through pictures, so please pray that I can get another soon. Here is a little video of her eating her cake. She enjoyed it as you will see.


Traci said...

I understand... hang in there... Happy Happy Birthday Kallen! Dr. Patricia said hi! :-)

The Johnsons said...

Just think how amazing it will be when she can tell people that she celebrated her first birthday in AFRICA! What an awesome experience!

Leslie Norris said...

Happy Birthday Kallen! We miss you, too :) First birthdays are such a hoot for the adults. I am so glad that you got something to remember it by. I feel your pain about the camera situation and days like that! Praying for you!! Love you guys.