Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing In The Streets

Before the film we played music and the people in Caia danced and boogied their way into the night.

We told you about showing the Jesus Film in Caia a couple weeks ago, so we thought we would share a few photos from the event. It seemed almost the whole village was there and they stayed right on till the end of the movie. Before the film several testimonies were given by Africans in Chiyao and a short evangelistic presentation by another Yao woman. This has opened up many doors for discussion and in fact the Regulo (chief) came the next morning and asked many questions about Muhammed and Jesus.
We want also to give a big thanks to our missionary friends - Jesse, Christian, Victor, Jeffrey and the others that came along and provided the equipment.
We are also considering doing a developmental project in Caia based on the needs of the people there. Currently their well is broken so good clean water is non-existent and the water they do have is far away. If you would like to support us in this developmental project or other evangelistic efforts such as the Jesus Film please contact us at

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