Sunday, January 10, 2010

On the first day....there were 7 people!

Tim's first class on Genesis was this past wednesday and he had 7 people show up. This is a great beginning, much better than expected. The class itself went well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Now we pray that these people continue beyond the first day. It is hard to get people to be consistent here, so please pray that they continue.

4 of the guys attend the Anglican church that we attend the others are just random people Tim has met and started building relationships with. One of the young guys(in the green t-shirt) has been a christian for a few years and his family kicked him out of his home and his been chasing him away ever since, because of his conversion from Islam to Christianity. One of the guys (not pictured) is young and has AIDS.
This is Paulo, who is attending the class as well as tutoring Tim in Chiyao on mondays and thursdays. He is a leader at the Anglican church, almost like an assistent pastor.


Kerry said...

Tim and Michele!!

It is good to get another update! What great turn-out and I will pray that they do keep coming, that God's Word will truly be alive and they will hunger for it. Your passion for ministry and love for people encourages me to walk more closely with our Saviour. Thank your for being His vessels. Praise Him!

Thank you,
Love and prayers,
Kerry Hutchins

Lindsay said...

Great pictures. This is wonderful. We will pray for consistency and growth. This must have been so exciting for you!

Diana said...

Hi Tim and Michelle - I just got caught up on all your news. I'm not sure what to say except that I am just so proud of you guys for the work you are doing for Jesus Christ. Don't ever give up. Your reward will be great as you continue to faithfully serve Him. I am praying for you both and your precious family. We are doing okay. We are facing some challenges at church, but there is "nothing new under the sun" about that. :) Our sweet grand daughter Olivia - the one born with only one kidney functioning at 15% and 2 holes in her heart and heart disease, is coming along very well since her open heart surgery in September. She is getting chubby. Now we are just waiting for the day he kidney will shut down completely and she will have to have a kidney transplant. We are celebrating her 1st birthday on Jan. 31st. We are rejoicing because we didn't think we would have her this long. Thanks for keeping us updated on your blog. Love and miss you guys, Diana Harrison