Monday, May 10, 2010

In the end...

Tim's Genesis class has officially ended. In the end, he gave out 5 certificates of completion. Only 2 guys ended up dropping out of the class and not finishing. One of them moved far away and couldn't attend anymore, so really only one, chose not to complete it. Tim was very happy about the turn out. For the final class the guys assignment was to write a song about the story of creation and teach it to the class. Here the people are oral learners and learn well through stories, songs, and a lot of repetion. Everyone completed the assignment and Tim was very impressed with the end results. He hopes to then to teach, with the help of these guys some of their songs to churches as he is asked to preach or teach in them. Here is a picture of the class and some of them receiving their certificates of completion from Tim. You can pray for Tim as he decides when and what to do for his next class.

Here is Pedro, a local guy that works for a government orphanage.

This is James. His family is all muslim and when he became a Christian his entire family abandoned him.

This is Daniel. He is a youth in the church we attend. He has AIDS and has been in really poor health lately. Tim has really been spending a lot of time helping him with trips to the hospital and receiving the anti-retroviral drugs he needs as well as informally discipling him.


Sarah said...

What a precious post! It's wonderful to see some of the fruit of your labor. God is good to give Tim the insight and ability to teach these men and that the men chose to stick with the program and complete it! (And, SO HAPPY you have internet again!)

Grady Peeler said...

Great job, Tim! And congrats to all your guys!