Friday, October 14, 2011


Hard to believe we are already in the middle of fall. We have had an extremely busy past couple of months. The kids started school at North Oakview Elementary, right down the road from us. They are doing really well and enjoying it. Traeger also started soccer this fall and is doing so well. He loves it and has scored in all but one of his games. It has been fun for us to watch him grow not only in the area of soccer, but also socially. Karis absolutely loves school and cries when I tell her I have no more homework for her to do. She seriously could do school work all day everyday and never get tired of it. Kallen likes having mommy all to herself every morning and then her and Karis get some girl time in the afternoon until Traeger comes home.

Tim and I took a trip with some good friends to Boston to watch a Patriots game(which has been my dream for forever). We had a great time sight seeing in Boston and then watching the Patriots clean up on San Diego!

The next week we were in Arizona for STS(Simply the Story) training. It was training on how to do inductive Bible study orally or telling the story of the Bible orally. It will be so valuable to us, going back to Mozambique where it is a very oral culture.

The first week of October, we were at Rothbury Community Church, participating in their annual missions conference. We had multiple opportunities to share what God is doing in Moz. Michele spoke at a ladies luncheon and Tim presented on two different nights. We always enjoy our time in Rothbury. They have been such an encouraging and supporting church to us. We are so thankful for them.

We also wanted to give our upcoming schedule as many people have asked when we will be speaking in the area. It is as follows:

Oct. 15th-- We will sharing about 10 minutes in the evening service at Blythefield Hills. The service starts as 5:30pm

Oct. 22-26--We will be in Akron Ohio, participating at The Chapel with an annual Missions event

Oct. 30th--We will be Hopevale Church in Saginaw, MI

Nov. 6th--We will be at Northland Baptist Church here in GR and we will have the entire morning service to share. I believe the service starts at 10:30am.

Nov. 13th--We will be at Faith Fellowship in Irons, MI and will be speaking in their morning service, which begins at 10:45am.

Nov. 20th--We will be at First Baptist Church in St. Johns, MI and will be speaking at their 6:00pm evening service.

I believe that is all that is on the schedule for now. We will let you know if other dates or opportunities become available.

Here are some pictures from the fall:

The kids have loved fall. They love playing in the leaves and pumkins and playing sports in the yard.

One thing I wanted to do this fall is go on a "color tour". We used to do that every year when I was little with my cousins and I loved it, so we enjoyed a very warm day, travelled up North, and enjoyed God's creation with my parents.
Karis getting off the bus. She loves riding the bus.
Traeger and daddy carved pumpkins and the girls painted pumkins with mommy.
Traeger scoring a goal at one of his soccer games(he is in the purple shirt).
Just a picture from our trip to Arizona. Neither of us had every been to Arizonia and we enjoyed some beautiful scenery.
Our trip to Boston at Gillett Stadium.
Tom Brady for of those of who don't know #12!!!
Lesley and I.
Boston from the Harbor.
Tim and I with Dan and Lesley in Boston.

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Sarah said...

FALL COLOR TOUR?! Bring on the memories! Rain or shine, we were smashed in the back of your car our my station wagon enjoying the colors... er, I mean telling "... and so did the fat lady" jokes! :)

I'm SO HAPPY you've had a fun Fall and are enjoying the season you don't get in Africa. I bet the kids love the pumpkins and the leaves and the costumes.

Way to go Lesley in getting you tickets and a trip to Boston... SO FUN!

Love you and can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!