Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Update...

Here is a quick update on the past month. I (Tim) just got back from a 2 week trip to the coast. It was a 2 day journey for me but I had a great opportunity to teach OT and NT survey to a group of 6 pastors. It went really well, we covered a lot of material. Now we hope they can retain it and apply it. We gave the students two assignments at the end of our time. 1) the students together wrote a song which told the story of the Bible in a condensed version. 2) they will be taking the next 2 months teaching a passage or a book in the Bible in a sequential way. They normally just pull out a passage and use it without any context and it almost always comes from Psalms or from the Gospels. Now they will be forced to preach sequentially a certain story like Moses til the crossing of the Red Sea or the story of Abraham. I think it will be good for them.

We leave on friday for Kenya. The whole trip will take about a month. We are going to visit and observe an oral Bible school there, to see what it would take to start one here. I will also be doing some teaching and trainings with Bramuel (the guy Blythefield works with doing STS). We also be combining the trip with a little vacation. My parents are meeting us in Nairobi and will spend the 3 weeks with us there and then drive back to down to Mozambique with us and stay until the middle of January. We are excited to be able to spend the holidays with family! 

Growing up too fast!

Here is the group from Mocimboa. One person is missing.
A picture of the coast of the Indian Ocean at Mocimboa.