Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More drama...

Well I think maybe God is testing me. I need to learn to be more flexible. We left on Saturday for Mombasa. We were estimating a 9 hour drive to our cottage in Diani Beach. Well about half way there, Tim noticed some strange vibrations with the clutch of our car. We just had the pressure bearing replaced on the clutch a few days before we left for Kenya. We had a Mozambiquian guy replace it for us, because they said we couldn't drive to Malawi on it, where we usually get our car repairs done. Well we don't know if he did something wrong or what, but about 30 kilometers out of town, the clutch seized up and Tim couldn't shift at all. Thankfully, Bramuel was already in Mombasa. We called him and after only an hour and a half of being stranded on the side of the highway in back to back traffic (8 white people standing on the side of the road trying to keep cool in the sweltering heat was great entertainment for the people stuck in traffic), Bramuel came and rescued us and towed our car to a garage in Mombasa. Of course it was Saturday afternoon and no one was open and wouldn't be open until Monday. But once again Bramuel came to our rescue and found a guy that would start working on it Sunday. And he even arranged transportation for us out to our cottage, which is about 30 kilometers past Mombasa. So on Monday, instead of visiting the oral Bible school with Bramuel, like planned, Tim spent the day in Mombasa running around finding car parts. He found 3 of them, but the other 2, he discovered he would have to order and they would take 4-6 weeks to arrive. Well we can't stay here for another 4 to 6 weeks waiting for the parts. So our mechanic tells us not to worry about it, he will "engineer" the parts we have and get it working. We aren't so sure what "engineer" the parts means, but we don't have a choice, except to hope and pray the car will get us back to Mozambique. The upside was we get to stay a couple extra days in such a beautiful setting. Thankfully the guy we rented it from, was very flexible and let us stay a couple extra days. We did go to the beach, once, and we won't be back. It was beautiful, but absolutely no breeze and blazing hot and humid. No big deal, just jump in the refreshing water and swim, after 5 minutes, Karis was stung 3 times by jelly fish. Apparently, November and December the jellyfish are in abundance. So, we will stick to our cottage and pool. And yesterday, while Tim was in Mombasa looking for parts, Kallen came down with a stomach bug and began throwing up and having diarreah, she is still not doing so hot. So, we are surviving, thanks to the pool and scenery, but I am struggling.... Today, Tim did get to attend the conference with Bramuel, which was great he could still work that in. The plan(of course I have no idea why we even make plans at this point) is Tim and Bramuel will spend the night here at our cottage. Tomorrow morning bright and early, they head out to visit the oral Bible school, they were supposed to have visited on Monday, and then we go pick up our car, which should be done by noon (not too sure about that) and head back to Nairobi. Doesn't sound too complicated, but I have come to realize, here, anything can be complicated....Please keep praying....Thanks.

Our cottage

The kids are loving the pool and in this heat and humidity, swim from about 7am to 6pm.

Karis' jellyfish stings. They must really hurt, because she is our toughest kids and rarely cries because of pain, but she was screaming in pain when it happened. We had no idea what was going on, because you couldn't see anything at first. She was just grabbing her shoulder and screaming it hurts! Locals came running and told us that the jellyfish were all over. If only they had mentioned that before we got in to swim!

Other than being covered by bug bites and heat rash, Jurnee is doing great and she loves the water!


Diani Beach.

Traeger enjoying the pool.

Kallen and grandma playing go fish. The kids have also loved having grandma and grandpa here. They are getting a great taste of life in Africa and it has been so nice to have extra help around with all the drama!

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Tim Cowley said...

I hear that urine works wonders on a jellyfish sting. Random information that might come in handy someday, if one is desperate enough. Sorry about the troubles. TIA