Thursday, March 21, 2013


Well it has been awhile since I updated this blog. The past couple of months have been filled with birthday celebrations. We celebrated Jurnee's 1st birthday on the 2nd of February. We celebrated Karis' 7th birthday on the 15th. We attended Kallen's friend Samuel's 3rd birthday party. And our director, Janice Peters, turned 60 and we had a huge party here for her. Our house has been filled with guests the past month. We have fed over 50 people in our home the past month and a half. We have another busy week coming up with more visitors coming into town to stay at the guesthouse, but after that it should be quiet around here for a couple weeks.

As many of you know, Janice has resigned as director or SIM Mozambique, and so Tim is taking over new responsibilities administratively. The actual director, will be our colleague, Alfred Paetzold, but Tim will be the administrator. As we will be the only ones in town, he will assume all responsibilities financially and anything having to do with the government like visas and paperwork for the organization. I have also taken over as the SIM project coordinator to go along with my role with running the guesthouse. It is going to be challenging, but we look forward to what God will teach us through these new roles. Please pray as we balance ministry, the home, and these new roles.

Ministry wise, we have a couple of new prayer requests. Tim will be helping lead a STS training in Muapula mid April. We have friends who are working there and have a school and church, where they want their teachers and leaders trained in storying. We are looking forward to that. Also, Tim, along with a few others, is planning a Yao conference for August. We are looking to gather all the Yao believers in the area for a conference. We are wanting the Yao believers to be able to connect with other Yao believers to see that there are other believers out there that have had to go against their families and culture for the sake of Christ. We will also be doing a week of intensive training on everything from marriage and parenting to how to reach out to their fellow Yao people. We are excited about the possibility and we have a couple of true Yao believers that are helping to head this all up, so it isn't just a "white" run conference.

Here are a few pictures of our birthday celebrations...

Janice turns 60!

Karis turns 7!.

Our friends from South Africa brought hamsters and they gave Karis 2 of them. We bought a bird cage in Malawi as that was the only cage we could find in the entire city. She loves them and named them Star and Snow.

Jurnee turns 1!

Jurnee got her face painted as a mouse at Samuel's birthday party.

She has the funniest faces ever!


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