Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Well we returned home from Portugal on wednesday, Dec. 10 and I don't think it has stopped snowing since! We are loving the snow, but the cold has been quite a shock from the 60's in Portugal before we left.

We said our goodbyes to friends in Portugal, it was a bitter-sweet time for us. There is a lot we are going to miss about Portugal. One of our highlights was Traeger's school. We are going to miss his teachers, who became our friends while we were there, and Traeger is of course going to miss his school buddies. We are also going to miss many people from our church that we attended while there. We are going to miss the almost perfect weather, watching the sheep go by our apartment every morning and the beautiful beaches, but of course we are thrilled to be home, snow and all!

It was a very long plane ride, but we arrived safely. We had a flight cancelled in Chicago and didn't arrive home until 1:30am, when we were scheduled to arrive at 9:00pm. Michele was sick with a cold on the flight, so was pretty miserable, but our kids were so good. We can tell a lot of people were praying, because they were very well behaved and Kallen was a little angel the whole 10 1/2 hour flight.

We have been enjoying seeing family and friends and shopping at Meijer with sales and coupons! The kids have loved being close to both grandmas and grandpas. A very generous couple from our church has lent us their house to live in while we are home and it has been such a blessing. It has been so nice to have a place to retreat to after busy days and have space to sort and pack our stuff as well as enough room for the kids to sleep in their own rooms and not with us!

Tim's mom had major back surgery on the 4th of Dec. and then his grandpa broke his leg and had surgery on his leg a few days ago, so the George household has been a little crazy between caring for mom George and grandpa Dejong. Thankfully both are doing really well and are recovering more quickly than expected.

Here are a couple of pictures of our last days in Portugal and our first days back in the states.

Traeger has loved the snow, unfortunately, as you can see, Karis has hated it and cries when it starts snowing.
This was pure torture for her, but I had to have a picture of her in the snow!

Traeger could just play all day. He loves it.

Especially eating it!
Karis and a friend from church in Portugal.

This is Graziela, the mother of the guy we rented our apartment from. She was wonderful to us there in Portugal.

Kallen all smiles!
Saying goodbye to downtown Lisbon. We had a last drive through the city to say goodbye.

Traeger and his best buddie, Andre.

Traeger's school goodbye party or festa de despedido.

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Kim said...

Happy new year, Georges!
Hope your holidays were great! Can't wait to see posts and hear all about your work next transition.
Don't forget to speak Portuguese to each other constantly--you don't want to forget it!