Saturday, January 17, 2009


Sorry we have not updated this blog lately. We have been so busy, but have also been having lots of fun. We have applied for our visas for Mozambique and are awaiting their approval, so keep praying for that. After we receive the visas, we will be able to purchase our plane tickets(hopefully in the next couple weeks). We have gotten our first round of shots and will be getting more the first week of February. We have visited one of our supporting churches and two small groups and have 5 more churches and 3 more small groups to's some pictures of the last month and what we've been doing...enjoy!

This past weekend we visited one of our supporting churches, The Chapel, in Akron OH. This is the family we stayed with in Akron. Their small group has adopted us as their missionaries. We were able to meet with the small group while we were there. We had a great weekend with the Andersons, they definitely have the gift of hospitality. One of the privileges of being a missionary is meeting people like them!
Of course, we had to include this picture. It is of LeBron James home right outside of Akron Oh. We also saw his girlfriend pulling out of the driveway in one of his cars. It was pretty cool:)
Here are all the George grandkids in their Portugal t-shirts they got from Grandma for Christmas.

We had a slumber party at the Wymas over new years. Here is Olivia and Traeger in their bed.

Karis wanted to sleep in the baby bed, but didn't quite fit!

Here is Dan and Traeger.

And Lesley and Karis....

And Tim and Claire...

Icrecream for Bryant's birthday.

"The Girls"

Papa and Kallen
All the George grandkids again...

My sister's youngest Noah, who was born 3 weeks after Kallen.

Karis favorite Christmas present, a new bicycle!

Here is Kristi and I with Noah and Kallen. It was so nice to have her here for a few weeks. We had so much fun!
Traeger and Ethan(Kristi's oldest).

Karis and Aunt Aubrey! Karis LOOOOVES Aunt Aubrey!

After a long day of sledding, this is what happens....

Traeger and Uncle Stephen sledding.


The Johnsons said...

I love the pic of Karis and Traeger crashed out! LOL!

The Johnsons said...

I couldn't find you on FB - too many Tim Georges! Try looking up Chris or see if you can search with my e-mail address - =)