Friday, April 24, 2009

A gift, our car, and Caia.

We went this morning to visit the family of one of our guards, Bonamar. His family lives about 30 minutes out of the city. We brought him and his half brother and our family. His father was so thankful we were willing to bring Bonamar out there and that we wanted to meet him. He gave us a goat as a gift. We now have this goat in a trailer because, the dogs attack it. We don't have a fence to keep it in or anything, so we will probably have to have it butchered in the next few days. When we mentioned that the kids, they were devestated, so we will see what happens. The picture below is us with Bonamar, next to Michele, and his brother, next to Tim. His family only speaks Chiyao, so we could not communicate very well with them, but Bonamar translated for us. It was a very humbling experience as they also fixed us rice with some beans and sent us into a hut all by ourselves to eat the food, while the family stayed outside and ate nothing. We also ate rice and beans without silverware for the first time. The kids had a ball of course!

This is our new car. We are really enjoying have wheels.

Here is Tim and Jeffrey, our guard doing some evangelism in a village called Caia.

This is the greeting we received when we arrived in Caia. The kids swarmed the car. We could barely get out. I had to distract them by taking their picture.

This is what Traeger thought of the attention. He was quite intimidated at first, but eventually warmed up.


lwyma said...

I love that you got a goat as a gift!! I kind of felt like I was reading a story out of the Bible as I read that story!! Still missing you! The weather is finally nice here so we've been outside a lot and wish you could come play on the swingset!!

Jonathan Kelly clark said...

Well you were looking forward to getting your first goat! A goat and a dog, I think you are a complete family now! Enjoy, JC

Matt and Patty said...

This is the first time I figured out how to leave a comment on your blog. I am so lame. Everything must be spelled out for me. Fun story & pictures! Cha says she'll rescue the goat. Hint -Don't name it if you plan to eat it. Busy end of school stuff going on here. Awana done! Track just begun! IEP prep ongoing. Matt's overtime less! LA Couple's Retreat good, LA Men's Retreat this weekend. Lions new quarterback (as if). No swine flu yet.