Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This is our new puppy Jalea. Jaleo in Yao means giant, we changed it to Jelea to make it more feminine, since she is a girl. She is a Great Dane and Ridgeback mix. Some YWAM missionaries raise Great Danes and tried this new mix, they gave her to us for free, so we were so happy to get a great dog like this for free. She was the tallest of 13 puppies, so she should be a giant as her name indicates. She is 7 weeks old right now. I guess this is a great mix, both are very big dogs, but very friendly and mild mannered. As you can see from the pictures below, she is quite a snuggler. She will be an outdoor dog, but right now we have her inside because the two dogs on the property bully her(even though she is almost double their size already). Today they have gotten along much better, we'll see how they do together. The dogs actually belong to another family, so we aren't sure how much longer they will be here anyway. Since we don't have dog food here, she eats rice mixed with either eggs or dried fish twice a day. It's kind of strange to cook rice for a dog everyday. Thankfully both are relatively cheap here.

A few updates as well...our car is fixed. It is still in Cuamba, so we aren't sure when we'll actually get it, but at least it is fixed for now. There is still one ongoing problem that we will have to fix eventually, but you can at least drive it now. Also Tim has been doing the teaching/training with this young man Oswald for a few weeks now and it is going very well. Tim has enjoyed it and it has really given him insight into the way African's think and how their culture infiltrates their thought processes, even as Christians. Chiyao classes are going well and we are learning slowly how this language works. It is so different from the latin based Portuguese, it's taking us to whole new level of thinking...


lwyma said...

Jalea is adorable!! What fun for your kids to have this new friend!! I can't wait to see how big he gets! We miss to you soon.

Jeanne S. said...

Love the pictures of the kids. Cute dog! Looks like she's part of the family already.

Jeanne S.