Monday, February 21, 2011

Girls, Girls, Girls...

Karis turned 5 years old on February 15th and we had a little girls party for her. It was really fun. She had a great time with her friends. Here are some pictures of the party. It was actually a joint party with a colleague's daughter, Abigail, who also turned 2 this month.

Just to give you a feel for how "international" life is here, I'll tell where all the girls in the picture are from. Starting from the left is Abigail, her mom is Romanian and her dad is Mozambiquian, Zoe(behind Kallen) is from South Africa, Deborah(next to Zoe), her dad is from the Netherlands and her mom is from the US, Clara and Victoria(in front of Deborah) their mom is from the US and their dad is from the Congo, the two girls to the right of Karis, Samara and Natanya, are from Singapore. We Americans are actually the minority here. Tim made the girls animal balloons as they arrived.

The cake.

Karis eating the cake.

We put out all our playdough and all the girls made something out of playdough. They loved it and played and played.

Karis opening gifts.

Here are the girls opening their goody bags.

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Anonymous said...

Until I read this, I had never thought of balloon animals as a useful missionary skill. How perfect, actually. You could probably draw quite an audience of curious people.