Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Your will is that I should praise you, O Lord my God, who gave life and a body to that infant: you will me to praise you who equipped him with faculties, built up his limbs, and adorned him with a distinctive shape, as we can see. You implanted in him all the urges proper to a living creature to ensure his coherence and safety; and now you command me to praise you for those gifts, and to confess to you and sing your name, O Most High, because you are God, almighty and good, and would be so even if you had wrought no other works than these, since none but yourself, the only God, can bring them into existence." St. Augustine (the confessions)
This picture is of Rosa and Kanita, two of the children of the family we lived next to in Muembe. Children are so fragile here. Almost every week we hear of another infant or child that has died of malaria or some other sickness. Just this past week, we know of two who died of malaria. It seems so hopeless at times and scary to think of raising our kids here, but then we are reminded of who gave life and body to that child, who brought them into existence, and He is good. We praise God for the lives of these children and our own. We praise God that we can be here sharing the hope He brings because we already have this hope living inside of us.

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