Friday, June 1, 2012

Simply The Story...

Well we just finished with our Simply The Story training conference. It went really well. We had 15 people attend and everyone really seemed to enjoy it and think it would be a useful ministry tool. We are really excited to hear feedback as people begin to use it in their ministries. The first day is all instruction and examples of storying and then the next two days everyone is broken up into groups and each person prepares and presents a story. It gives everyone a safe place to try this method of Bible teaching, where they can get feedback. We also confirmed dates for the first week in September to another training in Portuguese for the local pastors and leaders here. Bramuel and Jacob were the leaders and they arrived from Kenya to do the conference. Bramuel will be returning in September to run the next one as well. Thanks to everyone who was praying for this.

This is Bramuel instructing one of the small groups as they prepare to present a story.

Here is the whole group with leaders, in front row on the right.

Victor presenting his story.

Ariel presenting her story.

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Tim Cowley said...

Looks like a great training. Sorry I missed it. A few faces here I don't recognize.