Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weekend in the bush...

This past weekend we spent some time in the bush of Mozambique with the Paetzold family. The Paetzolds are SIM collegues and friends of ours from South Africa. We had a great time exploring God's amazing creation. We didn't see as much wildlife as we were hoping, but the grasses are so high this time of year, it is hard to see. We were supposed to be really roughing it, but we ended up staying in "luxury" at a hunting camp. Here are some pictures. 

 Here is everyone enjoying coffee in the morning on the steps of the main lodge at the camp. Yes, even the kids are all drinking coffee, dilluted with a lot of milk of course.

 The view from the main camp.

This is a herd of Sable antelope we saw on one of our drives. They are a beautiful animal. Unfortunately though these were the only animals we saw, besides rabbits and monkeys.
 The kids hanging out in front of the lodge, enjoying the view.
 Crossing the river on one of our drives. The boys got to ride on back of the Land Rover and loved it.
 Here is Traeger at one of the smaller camps we drove to. It is called Maganga, which means rocks in Chiyao, for obvious reasons.

Here we are heading out for a bush walk.
 Tim and Alfred grilling up our meat.

 We went on a river walk and saw tons of elephant footprints like this one. We also saw buffalo tracks, lion tracks, and even croc tracks. There were signs of animals everywhere, but somehow we missed them all.

 Here are the boys on the river walk.

Tim thought he would see if the elephant dung really tastes as good as it smells.

The boys loved their bush drive.

Here is the lodge from the Maganga camp. The view was absolutely incredible.

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