Thursday, March 26, 2009

1 night without a mosquito net!

These are some pictures of Tim's arm and face after spending the night in Muembe without a mosquito net. He literally has hundreds of them, on his fingers, neck, face, arms, and hands. He had a sleeping bag, but got so hot he had to stick his arms out and this is the result. Needless to say he barely slept. We are thankful for mosquito nets and will have to be really careful when living out at Muembe. The mosquitos aren't as bad here. We are praying he doesn't come down with Malaria.

This is a bunch of bananas that is growing in our backyard. We have a bunch of banana trees lining our back fence and we enjoy fresh bananas frequently. The kids enjoy grabbing a banana as a snack right off the tree.

We also have an avocado tree in our yard, so we have avocados galore and have fresh guacamole almost everyday we want it.

Here is one of the many lizards that sun themselves in our yard.

Here is Kallen. One of the dogs on the property couldn't pass up an opportunity to cuddle up with her and jumped up in the chair and curled up.

Here is sunset from our back porch. We have seen many beautiful sunsets. It is really amazing to watch an African lightning storm and gaze at the stars. We have never seen so many stars as you can see here.


Vicki Gates said...

very nice, thanks for letting us see your life!

Chan said...

Oh Tim - that's awful. I hope you have some Bendryl or someting else for itching. I will pray that God will protect you from malaria. I love your Avacados - yum! How many dogs do you have? Great job sharing your life with us!

Jeanne S. said...

Glad to see the update on your blog. Hope that you won't have any problems with all your mosquito bites. So sorry that happened. Bananas and avacados right from the tree--how yummy!
Your sweet baby looks pretty comfortable next to her sleeping friend. The sunset is awesome!