Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mozambique, here we come!!!

Just wanted to write one last update before our huge trek across the world. We are only hours away from the first leg of our journey. We are full of emotions at this time. Excitement that we are finally to this point and relief that the packing and planning is done. Nervous about this forever long plane ride. Anxious of the unknown that awaits us. I listen to my kids running around and playing and laughing and I think they have no idea what is happening. Their lives are about to change....again. I am so thankful they are young and seem to rebound so well and that God knows better than I do. I thought I would include our itinerary, so you will know where we are at the next few days. I put everything in EST so you don't have to convert anything. We will make sure we let everyone know when we have arrived. Thanks for everything the past three months and thanks for praying.

Tues. Mar 3, 1:31 PM Grand Rapids
Tues. Mar 3, 2:32 PM Chic Ohare (United 7208W)

Tues. Mar 3, 4:45 PM Chic Ohare
Wed. Mar 4, 2:10 AM Frankfurt (Lufth. 431W)

Wed. Mar 4, 5:35 PM Frankfurt
Thur. Mar 5, 3:00 AM Johannesburg (Lufth. 572W)

Thur. Mar 5, 6:50 AM Johannesburg
Thur. Mar 5, 7:55 AM Maputo, Moz. (So African 144L)

Fri. Mar 6 11:40 PM Maputo, Moz.
Arrive ??? Sat. around 5:00 AM in Lichinga, Moz. (LAM)


Chan said...

Way to go updating this blog already! You guys are on the ball. I will be thinking about you all today and praying. Last night was special - I love you guys! Chandy

Vicki Gates said...

Thank you for the update. It's so much better to remember you in prayer if I have pictures in my mind and a reminder of what to pray for.