Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Muembe house.

Here are some pictures of our house in Muembe. It is very small, but they have done a lot of work on it and it is looking pretty good. They put in screens and painted the mud and even built the bamboo fence around it, so we have an area for the kids to play without fear of snakes and other dangers in the tall grass surrounding the area.

This is the well where we will have to get our water. Our house is actually a couple hundred meters from this well, so hopefully we will be able to have some help hauling water every day.

Here is a picture of the front of the house. It is divided into three rooms. The two ends are bedrooms and the middle room is a living area. Here is a picture of the area they fenced in for us. It is big enough to keep our car in as well as have some room for the kids to play. We even have a shade tree! The car in the picture is Janice's, our field director.

This is the kitchen. It is located next to the house. It has a small clay grill and sink we can fill with water from the well for doing dishes or whatever. This is Janice and Pastor Mateus, who is our neighbor and his family will help us with getting adjusted to living out here and he has a short wave radio we can use in case of an emergency.

This is Pastor Mateus' kitchen. The kids thought it was a fun play house, just their size!

This is Pastor Mateus' family. His daughter(with the baby) will help us with laundry and cleaning. We will mostly be learning Chiyao from this family as we live our daily lives with them. Pastor Mateus told us when we were there, that while living in this house, we will be family. Every family(which includes extended family) lives in a group of houses or huts and they work together as a community cleaning, cooking, working, etc. As we live among their family, we will be considered family and will take part in all the family duties.
Here is Traeger and Karis making silly faces. Grandma George's rainboots have been a big hit. The kids wear them everywhere and they really help with all the mud during the rainy season.

We found this turtle in our garden. We have also found 2 geckos, a scorpion, and a very, very large spider in our house while cleaning.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! It is so nice to see where you are! I miss you guys and I'm so sorry I missed your phone call today! I missed it (at church) by about 10 minutes!! Hopefully I'll hear you next time! Talk to you soon hopefully!

jmgeorge94 said...'s actually very nice! Much better than we had imagined it! Are you crazy? Posting things like snakes, other dangers hiding in the grass, scorpions and spiders...these will NOT sit well with Grandma Coo Coo! ;) Grant is praying that Traeger will be able to come home safely for his birthday and watch him open his presents...:) Lots of love!

Chan said...

I love your blog! I almost feel like I am right there with you.(well not quite :) ) It really is nice to see the photo's and read your updates. Love you guys! Chandy

The Smith Family said...

Love the pictures and updates...definitely helps us to pray more specifically for all of your changes, adjustments. God's grace is so amazing and will continue to abound in all you guys do (for the kiddos, too). We are honored to share in this process with you guys (a bit different in Central America), but not feeling so "alone" with adjusting in another country with little ones. We love you guys so much and appreciate all you've done for us!
Chad and Mar

Jeanne S. said...

Hope you are getting settled. The pictures of the kids are sweet and they look pretty happy and playful. You are in our prayers.